Paris Hilton Sunglasses
Paris Hilton Unveils New Sunglass Line
Photos By: Scott Harrison / Retna Ltd.

The awaited unveiling of first ever sunglass line from reality show star and socialite Paris Hilton by Gripping Eyewear at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, Nevada. Paris could have her own hot day brand. Everything this millionairess touches, turns to gold. We would hope Paris would send us two pairs, as all the photos we edit of her, are making us blind. And Paris, throw in the purse too!

Whether she’s shopping, posing, partying or hiding from the paparazzi, Paris Hilton looks fabulous. Her flirty and feminine dresses, her stilettos that never quit, her giant handbags—these all add to the celebrity diva-ness she exudes and we all envy. But what really seals the deal is her fabulously dynamic Paris Hilton sunglasses collection—estimated at over a thousand. We envy every pair of ginormous Christian Dior and Gucci shades she dons on her heart shaped face.

Paris Hilton Sunglasses
Paris Hilton Sunglasses

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