Porsche Retro Styles

Porsche Retro StylesThe P8478 Porsche Retro Styles

According the Moodie Report, Porsche sunglasses is reissuing two popular styles from the 70’s and 80’s and will fit them with modern technology.

The P8478 is a very retro-looking aviator style that was originally released in 1978. There is rounded silver metal curve at the bridge. Also, the lens color is an excellent green, different from that of the Ray-Ban aviators. The style will be available in silver or gold and apparently will use titanium in the frames.

Porsche Retro StylesPorsche Design Sunglasses 8480

The P8480 are one the first folding sunglass styles that were available. They can fold all the way down to 6cm and still come with the leather case.

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