New Oakley Sunglasses – Oakley Jawbone

Oakley has just recently announced the name of the product seen on riders of the last Tour de France and has set the released date for May 2009. The name is Oakley Jawbone at it will be riding around on the face of Lance Armstrong as he attempts to make a comeback to racing.

New Oakley Sunglasses – Oakley JawboneNew Oakley Sunglasses – Oakley Jawbone
Oakley Jawbone - Bigger than usual frame to fit in the technology

New Oakley Sunglasses – Oakley JawboneLance Armstrong New Oakley Sunglasses - Not a bad fit

The new Oakley Jawbone is of course another level in technology and style. The lenses are of course interchangeable, and the lenses sit into the frame in such a way as to prevent them from bending and therefore changing the optics.

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